San Patrignano in Ercolano commenting on youth and territory

The territory, its vocations, its productions and its evolutions. The association “Albero Fiorito”(Flowering tree), created by producers, chefs and gastronomists, has created the event. “L’anima dei Luoghi” (Place’s soul) – Dialogues on tastes that on Monday the 27th of March in Ercolano, at the “Casina dei Mosaici” there will be among the guests the participation of Roberto Bezzi of San Patrignano, invited to talk about how training young people in difficulty can be a tool with strong employment prospects. A path between tasting and knowledge of the territories, cultures and culinary traditions, with flavor as main point.

In the first stage of the route, the reference areas are those of the volcanic craters of Roccamonfina, Vesuvius and Salina: lands of great vocations and great products with infinite potential for development. And the protagonists will be Giuseppe Iaconelli, producer and chef of cheeses, Berardino Lombardo, farmer and chef of Fofò Ferriere, gourmet chef and producer of the Vesuvius tomatoes, all being founders of the “Albero Fiorito” (Flowering tree) Association, for a long time committed to defending and reviving the excellence of tradition.

Mr. Iaconelli, Lombardo and Ferriere will meet fellow travelers who, in different places, share the same mission; Nino Caravaglio in Salina, reinvents great wines, Francesca Scarfato and Raffaele Faella in Gragnano with pasta, a virtuous example of a company born from Solidarity of an entire community. And again, Eric Beaumard, sommelier and restaurant manager at George V in Paris, who will present Les vins de ma vie, his book that aspires to trace the soul of the places.

Roberto Bezzi and Marco Rossi-Doria will illustrate the importance of working and entrepreneurial initiatives for the recovery of young people with social disadvantage, a road that is indispensable for their reintegration and at the same time as a development opportunity for the territories where these young people are operating.


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