Barrique – The third life of wood view globetrotter

Sustainability, recycling and recovery.

These are the 3 keywords that have inspired over 40 internationally renowned artists – Michele De Lucchi, Patricia Urquiola, Daniel Libeskind, Antonio Citterio, Mario Botta, Claudio Bellini, Gualtiero Marchesi and Arnaldo Pomodoro, just to name a few – to interpret because of metamorphosis the wood barrels, casks from 230 litres traditionally used for ageing wine, red or white. The Barrique project is now a permanent collection that every year is enriched with new artistic contributions.

This collection only after starring in Georgia, thanks to the Embassy of Italy in Tblisi came in Valtellina during the days of harvest, the highlight of the heroic viticulture valtellinese, one of the many excellences internationally recognized. The Valtellina viticultural landscape is unique in Europe, due to its alluvial manure and ancient dry stone walls and terraces, guarantees the existence of almost 1,000 hectares of vineyards, mostly to Nebbiolo and Chiavennasca. The view – not coincidentally – hosted as usual at the Galleria Credito Valtellinese that is found on the premises of the 18th-century Palazzo Sertoli, rustic Court was formerly used for pressing grapes and preserves the original structure sometimes, occupying an area of approximately 120 square meters. divided into three different areas.


In this charming setting will be detected an exhibition featuring the cancellation of traditional supports (bases, cabinets, pedestals) to maximize the stylistic expression and the technical and constructive reserved by designers to objects made from slats from tannic and colouring characteristic grape aroma.

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